Duy Binh Engineering And Trading Co., Ltd.  was established in 2001 so far.

 Trained, trained up in a professional environment with experience accumulated during the operation and evaluation of customer should its inception, Duy Binh Co., Ltd determined business high-tech, multi-disciplinary - multi-professional and multi-sector, comes with technical staff, supervisory staff, management, training at corporations large equipment manufacturers, leading reputation world, to bring our customers the best service, the most stable with the brooch.

           "Customer confidence is the goal and is a solid foundation for healthy growth for the company"

 With knowledge and business experience, understanding markets, industries and close relationships with suppliers at home and abroad, with the major manufacturers ...., worldwide sales network , Duy Binh Company has developed and expanded business activity multi-disciplinary, with a focus on developing array "sewerage, water treatment, environment, energy supply and automation for projects, civil projects and industry "

 With the strongly supported of the partner companies, the company provides as well as the cooperation of the customer network, today Duy Binh Company has and will become one of the leading companies in VietNam in the field of operations. Towards becoming a conglomerate, leather multi-national career. Right from its inception Duy Binh Company incessantly striving to perfect the organization, the quality of goods and services, with staff of skilled workers, highly qualified and professional education, the thorough training, basically, we're committed to bringing our customers products, goods and best service, unbeatable.

 Field operations.

  -Provide Water valve of large firms in the world as AVK ....

  -The issue of smart water treatment system with intelligent valve BALEM.

  -Provide Danish pump DESMI.

  -Supply Cummins power generator.

  -Supply Georg Fischer pipes for hot and cold systems.

  -Consultancy, design and installation of automated systems for buildings.

 Objectives and orientation.

  * Objective:

  -Ash into the leading company for the best solution and the No. 1 choice for consumers as well as investors, thanks to the reputation and ability to provide products and services.

   -Build company into a professional organization, creating stable jobs, professional working environment, dynamic, high income for all officials and employees of the company.

  * Development orientation:

  -Get to the "Customer confidence is the goal and is a solid foundation for sustainable development for the firm." Duy Binh Company has and will overcome all difficulties to reach your destination.

  -Duy Binh corporation towards success by providing customers product and service package diversity, perfect. Satisfaction and customer benefits are the most important driving force to promote the development of the company.

  -Use effective advertising methods to promote the image of the company and products to customers.

  -Keeps And promote sustainable growth of the company's sales, market share, market, reputation and manpower.

  -Closely related, sticking mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with, traditional partners.

  -Strengthen training and promote creativity in staff and employees in order to increase the technology content, enhance work efficiency.

  -Consolidate, improve and expand the sales network, build key agents as a basis for the development.

  -Investment in research and technology, complete integrated solutions.

  -We look forward to further support from partner companies, vendors as well as from a large customer network so that we can continue to serve you better. Sincerely thank you.

                                                                          Duy Binh Engineering And Trading Co., Ltd


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