• Design, construction and installation of electrical systems, automatic control of wastewater treatment works,water (pumps, valves, ...)
  • Given the optimal solution for industrial systems
  • Inspection, repair and upgrade equipment existing automation
  • Supply and installation of electrical systems, electric control cabinets
  • Provides control solutions optimized for automation applications in industrial manufacturing, energy, environment
  • Warranty service, maintenance, professional maintenance towards all customers
  • Consulting and system design solutions
  • Provide materials, equipment and spare parts
  • Provide equipment such as:
    • Electrical cabinets
    • Meter (V, A, P, ...)
    • Relay
    • Time-counter
    • Display
    • The control center PLC
    • sensors
    • Inverters
    • Contactor
    • And many other related equipment
  • With standard quality warranty
  • With a staff of dynamic professionals, we assist clients in solutions consulting, system design, equipment selection suitable for economic, technical, cost savings, time to deliver maximum efficiency for customers.



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