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The DESMI SA pump is used for contaminated
liquids as well as liquids containing air or gas for
sumps, gullies and many other applications where
suction lift is required.

  • • Draining building excavations
    • Emptying ponds, drains and swimming pools
    • Water extraction for irrigation and watering
    • General service pumps
    • Fuel handling
    • Condensate extraction pumps

We can handle clean and poluted liquids that are
non corrosive to cast iron and brocnze included
water, oils, petrol, diesel and some chemicals.

  • • Excellent self-priming ability
    • Ideal for handling contaminated liquids
    • Easy maintenance with replacable wear plate
                                                                             • Open impeller design for handling of particles                                                                                                *  Up to 650 m3 / h, pressure up to 110 MLC

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